Organizing A Field Trip To A War Memorial

A school field trip, especially for younger children, is a wonderful way in which to incorporate the surrounding environment in to the teaching and learning process. This allows teachers to go beyond classrooms and classroom methods to introduce new ideas and creative ways in which children can learn more about the world, nature, as well as culture. For younger children in elementary school, this is a good method for teachers to bring exposure to children in terms of expanding their way of thinking and improving observation skills. Additionally, it enables them to give a more practical outlook to the children, and thereby improve their understanding of a certain area of study, both theoretically and practically.

Understanding the significance of wartime, and the great sacrifices that were made by those who gave their lives for their country, is an important element in opening the eyes of school-going children to the atrocities of war, and to show them that peace is always a better answer.

Organizing a field trip to a war memorial would be a wonderful way in which to do so.

Booking the tour

Many war memorials, especially bigger groups like a field trip group, require that prior booking be made for a tour. Tour guides are also available to explain the history of the memorial and what it represents, and it would be valuable for children to gain this knowledge. School field trips are usually given special rates, and therefore, booking ahead would be most suitable. This cane coordinated by the school authorities themselves. Click this link if you are looking for custom memorial stones.

Proper etiquette

Especially with children, it is crucial to explain to them beforehand the proper etiquette that is required when at such a important location. Children should be reminded only to look and not touch, as especially with war memorials, if a burial ground is also present, it may be considered offensive or disrespectful to touch the memorial gravestones or dedications.

Children should also be made to stay in an orderly line and go about the tour as quietly as possible. It will be necessary to help to understand the significance of the place, and why they should be quiet and respectful in their conduct and mannerism.

Bring flowers

Each child can be asked to bring a flower each, to place at the memorial, in honour of those that lost their lives to save theirs. This will also assist them in comprehending the true nature of the reason they have been brought on such a field trip, and would also give them a chance to show their respect.